We Buy Diamonds

We have jewelers on staff to appraise and buy your GIA and EGL certified Diamonds.  We also purchase all uncertified diamonds, large, small and investment pieces.

We Buy Diamonds

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GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA is dedicated to safeguarding the interests of gemstone buyers and sellers by establishing and upholding the criteria used to assess the quality of gemstones. The institute accomplishes this through extensive research, providing gem identification and diamond grading services, and offering a wide range of educational programs. With an extensive library and a team of experts, GIA serves as a valuable source of information on gems and jewelry for the industry.

In 1953, GIA introduced the groundbreaking International Diamond Grading System, along with the renowned “four Cs” (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight), as a universal standard for comparing and evaluating diamond quality.

EGL Certified Diamonds

EGL, the European Gemological Laboratory, made waves in the industry when they introduced the SI3 clarity grade. Initially intended to encompass diamonds on the borderline between SI2 and I1, it has now become synonymous with I1 diamonds that are nearly “eye clean.” This means that the diamonds have inclusions that are not readily visible to the naked eye. However, the use of the same terminology by both GIA and EGL, combined with their differing application of grading standards, can easily lead to confusion or misinterpretation for diamond buyers. It is not uncommon for a diamond to receive significantly different grades when submitted to both laboratories.

Where to sell diamonds near me?

We have extensive experience in appraising your loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, as well as certified and uncertified diamonds. As an experienced diamond buyer, and buyer of exotic stones, we provide true value with your diamond and jewelry pieces. Contact us to get started.

Where to Sell Diamonds - Garden City, NY

We purchase certified diamonds and uncertified diamonds, large, small and investment pieces. We are located at 642 Franklin Ave, in Garden City – conveniently located to serve all of the surrounding local areas.

Where to Sell Diamonds - Sarasota, FL

Our Florida location is at 5275 University Pkwy. Suite 129, in University Park where we also buy diamonds, fine jewelry and many other valued pieces. 

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