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$2-1/2 and $5 Gold Indian Set PCGS MS-62

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$2-1/2 and $5 Gold Indian Set MS-61 

The $2-1/2 and $5 Indian Gold coins are among the most fascinating American coins ever produced. Minted from 1908 - 1929, they are the first US gold coins that do not bear the emblematic figure of Liberty. They instead feature the likeness of an Indian Chief! 

But perhaps the most compelling reason to consider owning them now is that they trade for less than when gold was just a fraction of today's price. Back in 2007, when gold traded in the low 650's, this very same 2-coin set of Gold Indians was selling in certified Mint State-61 condition for around $1,500

Here are the reasons why these coins are so scarce:

  • The mint produced Gold Indians for just 13 years and the production exceeded a million coins in only two of those years.
  • The Incused design represents a departure from all previous United States coinage.
  • There are no raised edges at all and the major design features are sunken into the coin so they are actually below the surface.
  • The lack of a raised edge has caused these coins to wear out quickly, requiring replacement with new coins more frequently then with previous issues.
  • The public became concerned when the new design allowed dirt to accumulate, thinking they would spread germs --- an unfounded fear.
  • The Gold Act of 1933 effectively removed all gold coins from circulation.
  • This recall came just four years after production of the $2-1/2 and $5 Indians ended. All banks were then required to turn in any gold coins on hand.


A Secure Piece of American History:

Eastern Numismatics has secured a small quantity of PCGS certified $2-1/2 and $5 Gold Indian sets in Choice MS-62 condition. All of these coins were carefully selected for their bold strikes and attractive mint luster.

The $2-1/2 and $5 Gold Indian Set is an outstanding gold investment from an era when gold was the only money you could trust.

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