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$20 Gold St-Gaudens Double Eagle in MS-63 PCGS Certified.

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Own This Mint Sate Gold $20 Coin At Close to Bullion Value,

Before we are Completely Sold Out!

The $20 Gold St-Gaudens is America’s most popular gold coin and is one of the largest US coins to have been issued for circulation. Designed by Augustus St-Gaudens who is often referred to as America’s greatest sculptor, these coins bearing his name were minted from 1907 to 1933. The last year of issue (1933) is one of the rarest US coins, selling for over $7.5 Million in 2002.

Reasons why you should own this coin:

When the US Mint was studying designs for the American Eagle Program in 1986, they chose the St-Gaudens design because of its great beauty and overall popularity among the public. Here is your opportunity to acquire a Mint quality piece at a price that is still very close to the bullion value.

The Gold Act of 1933 effectively removed all gold coins from circulation. This gold recall forced the premature cancellation of any further production of $20 Gold St-Gaudens. All US citizens and banks were required to turn in any gold coins on hand. Once the coins were in government hands they were melted down and recycled into gold bars.

A further consequence of the 1933 Gold Act was the shipment of many US gold coins overseas to Europe, including many $20 Gold St-Gaudens. This had in effect helped preserve many coins in mint condition by keeping them out of circulation.

As we have stated many times before, there is no IRS paperwork to be filed with $20 Gold St-Gaudens. All foreign bullion coins and bars require a form 1099 when sold back in quantities exceeding 25 troy ounces. However, US gold coins do not require any such paperwork!

Large beautiful coins such as the $20 St-Gaudens are slowly disappearing and may soon become unavailable at prices so close to their gold content (33.436 grams .900 fine gold).

The $20 Gold St-Gaudens is an outstanding gold investment from an era when gold was the only money you could trust.

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