Serious investors should work with a dealer that buys and sells the same coins they handle. Many dealers only want to sell coins and may refer you to an auction company as a way of liquidating your holdings. This can be common practice for dealers of very rare coins, but not for those dealing with bullion or generic ones. The latter may be an indication they are charging too high a premium for their coins. You can deal confidently with Eastern Numismatics. Since 1974 we have serviced our clients throughout the US with our extensive inventory in rare coins and bullion.

Eastern Numismatics will always buy back the coins we sell, as well as coins you may have purchased elsewhere. We are members of most consumer and trade organizations including the Better Business Bureau, the Certified Coin Exchange and the Professional Numismatic Guild.

Buying gold from Local Dealers. Local dealers are one of the most trusted sources for gold coins. Many investors prefer the experience of walking into a local business and walking out with their gold. Since 1974 Eastern Numismatics offers the advantages of over-the-counter services and competitive pricing to all our local clientele. If you plan to be in the New York area, please stop by for a visit— we’d be happy to meet you.

Buying gold over the Phone. Most of the gold coins being sold today are transacted over the telephone with National dealers. Premiums are low and the gold is generally in the form of newly minted coins. Payment should be in the form of a bank wire or overnight check. Delivery usually occurs after funds have cleared. Eastern Numismatics offers the same convenient over-the-counter type service to all of our clients throughout the US. Once you lock in the price and pay for your gold, we will have it delivered safely to your home or office in a few days.

Buying gold over the Internet. Gold can also be purchased online using a credit card, but only in limited quantities and usually at a higher premium. Delivery takes just a few days. Eastern Numismatics has made it convenient to buy gold online in limited amounts over the internet. Visit our site at

Other Ways to Buy Gold.

Buying gold from TV Shows. Here your choices are limited when buying gold from one of the TV shopping channels. They can only offer what they have on hand at the time, and they usually charge a higher premium for gold.

Buying from Trade Shows. Most Trade shows can be frustrating for individuals who are new to the market. Many dealers avoid handling bullion coins at these shows due to the low premiums associated with bullion coins and bars.

Buying from Jewelers. Jewelers are not specialists in gold coins and would not be a reliable or consistent source for gold. Buying fromAuctions. Auction companies will sometimes offer gold bullion coins at one of their public sales. However this is not a good way to accumulate gold as the buyers fee can be much higher than the premium charged by a more traditional gold dealer.